Mazatec Strain Magic Mushroom.

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SN: Psilocybe semilanceata
CN: Liberty Cap
Uses: For depression, anxiety and chronic pain

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Buy Mazatec Strain Online California. The strain that paved the way for today’s therapeutic interest in Mazatapec psilocybe cubensis were the first “magic” mushroom discovered by American researchers in the 50s. The psilocybe cubensis Mazatapec name resulted from an initial mishearing that went uncorrected. Moreover this strain is enough of an icon that you can just call it “Maz”. Buy Mazatapec Online

Mazatec Tribe

In addition named for the Mazatec tribe in Oaxaca A people whose deep connection with this plant is seen in their tradition of multi-generational ritual use. Nevertheless the skinny grey stems and small brown caps of the Mazatapec variety look deceptively simple for the profound complexities they can reveal.

Uses and Indication

1) Management of Depression And Anxiety
2) Used in the management if severe Pain
3) Relief Cancer Related Distress

Dosage Guide  Mazatapec

The recommended dose for mazatepec magic mushroom is 1-2.5g of dried mushroom.

Effects of Mazatapec

Users report an energetic yet meditative feeling with a general body buzz that gives way to frequent open-eye visuals. More to that featuring lots of colors, shapes, pattern morphing, and sometimes auditory hallucinations. As a result the trip goes on. More to that some users describe a loss of ego that can be humbling and others have reported experiencing the unlocking of long-forgotten childhood memories. The trip can be spiritual, and for some, profound and emotional. Buy Mazatapec Online

More About Mazatapec
Some users benefit from approaching this journey like the Mazatec psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom people still do to this day. Furthermore with a sense of reverence and ritual – which they call “Velada”. Moreover like all psychedelics, a positive state of mind will help facilitate a more ideal experience. Nevertheless, the overall trip can last from 5 to 8 hours. In addition inexperienced users should start small and up their dosage only after waiting an hour to assess their condition.

Mazatapec Mushrooms: MAZ Cubensis Potency, Dosage & Trip Effects

The name, “Mazatapec,” is basically a typo that stuck[i]. This Psilocybe cubensis strain comes from the Mazatec people of Mexico, and was accordingly named for them, except somebody inserted two extra letters by mistake, and by the time a correction was issued, too many people were using the garbled version and wouldn’t change.

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Mazatapec is one of many cultivated strains of P. cubensis, which may be the best-known, most popular species of “magic” mushroom. It is found almost all over the world, wherever the dung of large animals (its favorite food) is available but temperatures don’t get too low. The strains vary in their potency. Whether the trips they provide also vary qualitatively is difficult to say—so many factors can influence the mushroom experience that it’s difficult to be sure whether the choice of strain is one of those factors. But each strain does have its own reputation.  Mazatapec is considered an especially good option for beginners, or for anyone interested in spiritual exploration.

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Mazatapec is easily confused with Mexican, since both have similar origin stories and offer a qualitatively similar experience. But the two strains are distinct.

Two things to keep in mind with “magic” mushrooms, though.

First, although these mushrooms are relatively safe as far as ways to get altered go, they can still cause problems, especially if the basic safety procedures are ignored. Second, using—or even just possessing—psilocybin mushrooms is illegal in most places. Please do not go to prison.

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Effects Mazatec Strain

Psilocybin, the main “active ingredient” in most “active” mushrooms, causes changes in mood, changes in thought-pattern, and, at higher doses, hallucinations. Usually, the mood change involves euphoria and a sense of connection, but alternatively, it can cause intense anxiety. Some people say that the mushroom works to intensify whatever mindset the user had to begin with—one reason to prepare carefully for these experiences and to never trip alone. Changes in thought-pattern can include deep personal and spiritual insight. Taking time afterwards to process and integrate these insights is important, otherwise they are less valuable.

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Other effects include excessive yawning, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. Rarely, severe reactions, such as convulsions, can occur.

Mazatapec mushrooms are reported to give a very spiritual experience with particularly beautiful hallucinations and fewer bodily symptoms than most P. cubensis strains.

Potency Mazatec Strain

Mazatapec is considered slightly less potent then average for P. cubensis.

Growing Mazatapec Mushrooms

If you are looking to start growing magic mushrooms Mazatapec Mushrooms are a good one to start with and any method that normally works for P. cubensis will work for Mazatapec—it’s not a picky strain. Several brands of grow kits are available, or growers can start with spores, their own substrate mixes. and growing chambers like SGFCPF Tek or Monotub Tek. Although flushes are typically large, many growers find that Mazatapec is slow. Colonization time may be long, up to several weeks. However, excessively slow colonization is not normal and could indicate a problem with the grow—contamination, the wrong temperature, too wet, or some other thing.

Dosage of Mazatec Strain

Rough estimates for dosage for P. cubensis are available, based on what kind of experience the user wants, whether the mushrooms are fresh or dried, what strain is involved, and so forth. However, even mushrooms of the same strain can have slightly different potency, and some people are more sensitive to psilocybin than others. It’s not possible to calculate doses exactly, and for this reason it’s best to be cautious and err on the side of too much rather than too little. A too-high dose is likely to cause unpleasant effects. I personally suggest everyone starts a new strain by microdosing and then working their way up to find their desired dose.

With that being said, if you want to try and find a dose that works for you, check out our general magic mushroom dosage guide. You can also try out our magic mushroom dosage calculator where you can choose between six dosage levels, including microdose and heroic dose.

Popular methods of consumption for Mazatapec Mushrooms include Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.

Growing Vs. Buying Mazatapec Mushrooms

So, is it better to grow mushrooms or to buy them? The answer depends on the user’s circumstance, interests, and legal situation.

Cost of Mazatec Strain .

Buying one or two doses will take less money than setting up a new grow, especially for people who don’t yet have their equipment yet. However, considering how many mushrooms a successful grow yields, growing at home is actually cheaper per doseThe balance sheet looks even better if the grower collects spores and then re-uses the equipment to start new cycles again and again—the only thing that must be replaced is the substrate, which is generally very cheap.

So for a user who wants a regular, plentiful supply, growing at home is far more economical, but for those who don’t want vast quantities of mushrooms, who only really want one or two doses, buying is the better bet.

Quality of Mazatec Strain.

Not all grows go well, and a user who finds a reliable seller may find that buying is a better way to source consistent product. However, not all sellers are reliable, and in areas where buying psilocybin mushrooms is illegal, the buyer has no recourse at all if the product turns out not as advertisedThere is no suing dealers in illicit drugs. Those who can grow their own appreciate being able to do their own quality control.

is Mazatec Strain legal for to buy?

In the many jurisdictions where possession of psilocybin is criminalized but possession of the spores is entirely legal, growing at home has a distinct advantage. Simply put, the entire grow can be set up legally. The illegal step—germinating the spores—happens in the privacy of one’s own home, and nobody else has to know about it.


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Of course, a grower then ends up with a large stash of illegal material on hand for months on end, which raises legal risk in a different way.

In jurisdictions where possession for personal use has been decriminalized, the calculation may go the other way. Buying a few doses will not be prosecuted (at least not unless Federal law enforcement gets involved) but “manufacturing” an illegal drug may well be.

It’s important to know the details of applicable law for your jurisdiction.

For many people, of course, the choice will come down to whether growing mushrooms seems like a chore or a good time—some find it a fascinating hobby.


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